Global Warming

Do you feel that the four seasons are quite abnormal now? Have you ever heard that the sea level is rising day by day? It is undoubtedly due to Global Warming. Global Warming is caused by the increase of greenhouse effect, which comes from sources like industries, vehicles and rubbish dumps. The temperature of the Earth will rise because the atmosphere of the Earth traps too much heat from the sun.In the last resort, Global Warming becomes a serious problem and causes negative effects to our life.

Global Warming has a serious impact on our nature and life. There are three negative effects resulted in Global Warming. To begin with, polar ice melts as temperature rises when the sea levels rise,the habitat of polar bears shrinks, they may become extinct. As a result, many human settlements on the coasts or in low-lying areas may be flooded.

Moreover, as the climate changes, there is always a shortage of water and even droughts in many places. Water is already dangerously rare in Africa, and Global Warming could make this worse. By the phenomenon, conflicts and wars over water supplies could arise.

Last but not least, increasing temperature could lead to outbreak of deadly diseases. As temperatures rise, the number of disease-carrying insects die and will eventually bring plagues and diseases to people.

As we know there are a number of negative effects of Global Warming to our Earth, do you think it is important to take some actions to save out Earth?

It is not difficult to image that if we insist on having this lifestyle, it could be too late to stop this problem. We must do something together to save our earth. First of all, we should cut down on our use of non-renewable energy sources such as petrol. Changing our travel patterns is workable. Walk and cycle for short trips and commute by public transport. Besides, we should recycle paper products such as newspaper and junk mails. Contact the Environmental Protection Department for further information if necessary. What’s more, when buying new equipments, we should check for energy saving labels, and opt for eco-friendly models which consume less energy.

To confront Global Warming, we should get hold of this rare opportunity to save our Earth. From now on, try our best to save energy. It is everyone’s responsibility to bear our behaviour.

Della Liu, S.5C

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